Court Litigations

Milestone Legal has strong reputation for our strategic approach in seeking resolutions through mediation, negotiation or any suitable technique relevant to the dispute. We have expertise across a wide spectrum of legal issues. We provide quality solutions to meet the legitimate requirements of our clients.

Family Law

The current society faces variety of sensitive issues revolving around families in need of careful handling through professional assistance.

We can assist you in various areas including

Bullet point Separation
Bullet point Spousal Maintenance
Bullet point Children and Parenting issues
Bullet point Adoption
Bullet point Family Trusts
Bullet point Property Division & Financial Settlements
Bullet point Wills and Succession Issues
Bullet point Domestic Violence
Bullet point Consent Orders
Bullet point Court Representation

Personal Injury & Damages Compensation

Various entitlements are available for you to claim in times of unforeseeable circumstances.

Milestone Legal can assist you with the following claims

Bullet point Workers Compensation
Bullet point Compensation for criminal assault
Bullet point Motor Vehicle Accidents

Criminal Charges

Milestone Legal provides fast, accurate and timely legal advice on various criminal offences.

Bullet point Assault Charges
Bullet point Bail Applications
Bullet point Center link Offences
Bullet point Fraud Charges
Bullet point Robbery
Bullet point Sexual Offences

Police matters

Milestone Legal delivers solutions that address our client’s immediate concerns and ongoing issues.

Bullet point Drink Driving /Driving under the influence
Bullet point Traffic offences
Bullet point Restricted license applications
Bullet point Motor vehicle accident charges

Civil matters

Milestone Legal supports its clients in various civil litigations

Bullet point Tenancy disputes
Bullet point Debt collection
Bullet point Claims from traders/consumers
Bullet point Intellectual Property
Bullet point IT disputes


Milestone Legal has significant experience in providing practical approach to mitigate costs ensuring better commercial outcomes.

Our service in the insurance industry includes

Bullet point Claims management and dispute resolution
Bullet point Recovery action
Bullet point Risk management
Bullet point Regulation of insurers & intermediaries
Bullet point Litigation management
Bullet point Policy drafting & interpretation

Milestone Legal committed to excellence in all
your litigation needs.

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